If you’re following the keto diet in an effort to turn your body into a fat burner instead of a sugar-burner, then you’re probably wondering whether you’ve entered into the metabolic state of ketosis. Afterall, going from eating whatever you want to following a strict diet can make you a little impatient for results. You want to know whether your discipline is going to be rewarded by weight loss!

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While you can purchase a Glucose Meter Kit or ketone strips that measure your ketone levels, your body will actually let you know if you’ve entered into ketosis, too. You simply need to listen to it and recognize the signs.


5 Signs You’re in Ketosis

The following 5 signs are among the most common signs or symptoms that people experience when they go into ketosis. Make sure to listen to your body carefully! Try tracking your symptoms and any weight loss you experience when you’re on the keto diet. Let’s delve in!

  1. Bad Breath

Yes – unfortunately, one of the first signs of ketosis is bad breath. Why? Well, now that your body is breaking down fat and protein for energy, it’s creating byproducts that need to be eliminated from your body via stool, urine, sweat, and breath. Among these byproducts is acetone. Acetone in large amounts, as you can imagine, has an unpleasant smell!

It is, however, a byproduct of being in ketosis. So, be thankful for it and use that mouthwash and those mints! Don’t worry, this too shall pass and you won’t have to deal with this problem for very long. 


  1. Changes in Digestion

Here’s another unpleasant sign you’re in ketosis. Since your body is not used to eliminating so much fat at once, it’s going to need time to adjust. Before it adjusts, however, it’s going to eliminate waste through runny stool, or constipation. Yikes!

You can get through this change by expecting it and by making sure to give yourself plenty of extra time in the bathroom. Don’t rush yourself- you’ll simply make things worse! If you’re having trouble with constipation, increase your fiber and water intake. Make sure to stay hydrated! As time passes, this little “side-effect” will subside.


  1. Fatigue

Don’t worry, the fatigue should be short-lived. Your body is changing the way it burns energy, so you should expect to feel differently once you enter into ketosis. When you stop consuming carbohydrates, things will go a little haywire for a while.

Your body is getting used you consuming more fat and it ill need to start breaking down your body fat for energy. This will leave you feeling tired and foggy-brained.


  1. Sudden Energy

Yes, after you experience that period of fatigue, you’ll thankfully feel much more energized. You’ll feel more clear-headed. too. If you can get over that initial slump of feeling exhausted, you’ll come out of it with more energy and you’ll hopefully start shedding weight.


  1. Decreased Appetite

When you’re in ketosis, you’ll notice a decrease in your appetite. You won’t be so hungry all the time for unhealthy food! This could be attributed to many things, such as a different release in hormones that make you less hungry, or a change in bacteria gut. Don’t be shocked when you stop craving certain foods at odd times throughout the day.

You should, however, make sure that you’re consuming enough calories and enough nutritious food to stay healthy. As mentioned above, you need to be mindful of drinking water and staying hydrated throughout this transition.


If you’ve noticed these signs and have been following the keto diet for a few days, then you’ve most likely entered into the metabolic state of ketosis. Keep up the good work! Make sure you’re logging your weight loss (another top sign of ketosis) and always prioritize your health and what’s best for your body.